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Story Telling


Unique & Very Different

 Aseries of booklets published bi-monthly containing short stories, fictionalones and true ones. Others are technical, whilst a number are of significance describinginteresting events.

 All will keep the reader fascinated especially the funny ones.

Each issue is 120 pages long and about twenty four thousand words all totallydifferent from its predecessor. Also included are chapters or examples of workfrom novels by published authors.

The publisher strives for divergence and diversity and as the leader says in each issue they are intended to put ‘A different slant on life,’ whilst keeping away from being too controversial and avoiding anything that is too contentious 

Each in the series is completely different and also includes works from the ‘HondonWriters Circle.’ The emphasis is on entertaining the reader and small enough at eight by five inches to put in your pocket for those long journeys.

As they are light hearted and informative they would also make an ideal present, for Christmas or Birthdays.  All of the Story Telling series are available from Amazon and other outlets

Present for Christmas

One of the long lasting and exciting presents to receive at Christmas is to turn the pages of a book which you have just received, it is something very personal and very different, as the recipient starts reading the first few pages there is the opportunity to disappear and explore events in another time. 

To give a novel is so easy just go into the following link, which will take you to the ‘thrilling world’ of Percy Chattey Books on Amazon where you can order your choice immediately. There are twenty-five in total including thrilling novels five of which have won awards in their genre, or there are fifteen Short Storybooks in the ‘Story Telling Series’ all different and outstanding value. Prompt delivery details will be given to you. While ordering, if it is for another person’s address, don’t forget to ask for it to be gift wrapped.

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We are back to this nonsense of soldiers who wereunder orders to fight terrorists some fifty odd years ago being pursued forsome form of wrong, which must have been investigated at the time with noresult. What makes me feel uncomfortable is looking at events half a centuryago and comparing the actions of then with today’s thinking, as one hackrecently put it ‘when are they going to investigate Michael Caine for theevents he was involved in when attacking the Zulus during the fight atMafeking.

If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny, something from a sketch by a group of comedians. Whilst I agree any misdeed should be investigated, but not using new thinking to create a wrong from decades ago when it wasn’t illegal or sinful. We must not forget the millions of pounds spent a few years ago trying to discover whether the ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath, was something he wasn’t and who had been ‘dead’ for some time during thestart of and the ongoing investigation.

Law & Order

Books for Christmas

Time Gentlemen

If you are struggling tofind a present for that one person who you need to acknowledge then by goinginto the following link whichwill take you directly to ‘Percy Chattey Books’ on Amazon,where you willbe able to select one of the twenty five books on offer, ten thriller novels orone of the ‘Story Telling Series’ which are full of interesting short narratives,all at low cost delivered promptly and gift wrapped if you so wish. Yourproblem is instantly solved.


 One of the big anomalies in lifeis if you need to sign a legal document, similar to when you are buying aproperty, then you are advised to employ a solicitor. When you do the firstthing he will ask you to do is to sign an agreement, which states he is notresponsible for the advice he gives you.

Talking of buying propertyit was in the nineteen seventies when we moved to Bath in the West Country andwas living in a rented semi- detached house, my wife Jean was working for alocal bank and I was employed in Bristol, about sixteen miles away.

It was a Monday morning, and as usual I stopped halfway on the journey at a little barbers shop in a village called Longwell Green, where we had agreed to buy a semi-detached house off-plan for fifteen thousand pounds.

Next to where I was havingmy hair cut was an Estate Agent and in the window was a sign, it was for asimilar house to the one we had agreed to buy, and three thousand pounds cheaper,to its advantage it added differences of a garage and it was decorated. I knewwe had no problem with a mortgage so I made enquiries. The difficulty was itwas on the end of a chain of thirteen and the buyer for it had dropped out, sothe owners were desperate to sell but it had to be done by the followingMonday, seven days away, otherwise the chain collapsed.

After a brief visit and with the help of the bank we agreed to buy that very day.

All the searches on the house had been carried out by a solicitor employed by the previous purchaser and he was ready to complete. Easy I thought all I had to do was to instruct him and we were home and dry, so to speak.

But No. The legal manwould not act for us as he said it would be a ‘conflict of interest.’ I am notsure to whom, so off I trot to find a solicitor who would act. I won’t say helaughed when I told him it had to be completed in seven days but he was notbeing very helpful saying it would take that long to send the details by postand have a reply.

I asked him if he would be happy to deal with the other solicitor and he said that was not a drawback.  I said, telephone the bank who will confirm the mortgage, type out a letter to the other law firm asking for the details and send it over in a taxi or some other means and retrieve the documents, we would then have a few days to make the changes, which again could be done by courier if need be.

We bought our new home the following Monday and lived there for twenty-five years. I would add in those days people would act on people’s word as there was trust …  I cannot see that happening today as everything has to be in writing before anyone will act.

The New World

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I am Frequently puzzled by the New World  and I find myself questioning the way we taught the generation who followed. What brings it to mind is the sheer self-indulgence of today’s society when I read in the media that a bride is charging her guest fifty pounds to attend the ladies wedding, forgive me if I am wrong in this different order of things, I thought you invited people as an act of friendship.

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Following that report was another article where a woman who has invited her family to Christmas dinnerand is charging each one thirty pounds. There is no mention of what the menu consistsof but in a private house where unlike a restaurant where there are nooverheads, or staff to pay, that seems a bit pricey. But surely creating somemoney making scheme is not what inviting kin round for a celebration is about,it’s about love and affection at a time of year when it is more about giving thantaking.

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On a similar subject, although much different from charging loved oone’s fees for attending a family occasion,it is the rush and hurry when there is a crowd of people and politeness andgood manners is something that happened in the past. I may be ‘old fashioned’but I preferred it, and I think most people would agree with me when we respectedeach other without the need to push and shove, especially in the super marketswhen the way some people act it is as if the item on the shelf was the last tobe had.

Books 4 Christmas

The easiest way tocomplete present buying is to go into Percy Chattey Books in Amazon and orderone of the ten thrillers or the ‘Story Telling Series ‘ there are fifteen tochoose from all totally different, low cost and easy to read, it will be deliveredpromptly to the person you want to receive it and if you wish it can be giftwrapped, within a few minutes, and assuming it is a problem, it is solved.

The following link willtake you direct to Amazon and my books.

Christmas is coming.

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 If you are looking for something for that friend or relation who normally gets forgotten, you do not have to do anything more than click on the link to Amazon and there are twenty five books to choose from in Percychatteybooks. You can solve the problem right there, your choice will be delivered gift wrapped if you so wish, and all at incredibly reasonable prices. Click on the following link:          

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One of the benefits ofgrowing old, that is, if one can call it a benefit, is that you see life in all its different segments especially when you become an octogenarian and you can remember very clearly streets without cars parked on each side or the formationof the National Health Service. Even bread rationing can come to mind or about being able to fill a car up…providing you could afford a car with petrol fora few pounds.  In the mean time life moves on and the world changes quicker than you can think about it and the feeling of being left behind grows.

Of course there is more to it than memories because with experience comes knowledge, but time itself blunts the need to learn new things and that is where the old and the new differ. And of course, the next generation are not interested in what went before. In our early years we were the same tearing up the old and replacing it with something which did not always work. Thalidomide comes to mind!

So we move on teaching the very young new tricks, whilst the ones in their later years try to come to terms with the new technologies,  at thesame time with strong feelings that it is not right.


Books 4 Christmas.

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The second anniversary of Story Telling is now behind us as it was in November 2016 when we started to put the first issue together, which was published shortly after. Looking through the booklet now it is still as good to read as it was then as we strive to make each issue interesting, different and individual from the previous ones. The picture below is the cover of the initial publication.

It was confirmed this morning that ‘Story Telling Fourteen’ is now available on Amazon and shortly it will arrive in Kindle.

The ‘Story Telling Series’ is looking good we havethree new books … two in the initial stages and one waiting for the final edit, which will bring the total number available in Percychatteybooks to twenty-eight, which will mean there is something for everyone. At the same time we have made a start on number sixteen with short story’s and the normal, but different format.

Percy’s books can be found on Amazon by clicking the link.

Watchit!& Watchit Too!

Books 4 Christmas 

Two exciting novels with the same characters and their name become clear in thefirst pages of the story in Watchit.  Itis the end of the war and people are wanting more than the restriction they hadbeen used to during the conflict. It is a story of love and there is a lot ofit about in both books, but also the fear of others who take little notice ofthe niceties of living.

Two books which have a great following by readers who have said they cannot put them down. A great Christmas present or if you like your reading in short stories the‘Story Telling Series’ is for you, full of exciting articles also funny ones.

All twenty-five books of various detail are available through Amazon at Grid 1 Ac

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