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The Poppy

red poppy flowerAs we once more reach the time of year for the launch of the Poppy Appeal and the recognition of Armister day there are murmurings on social media for the Poppy to be white, and Piers Morgan interviewed a Mr Hill who is spearheading a campaign to change the colour.

The following are my thoughts which I wrote a year ago.

The Poppy

It is with some misgiving that I see that the noble red Poppy with its black centre, which has represented years of bravery by our Armed forces, that there are murmurings on social media and in the press that some would like to replace it. When I read that they want it to be changed to white, I thought the item was some fake news, as in reality a white one could not be a stand-in and would be further from the events the red version represents.

The colour ‘White’ or noncolour as some would say, isn’t it the symbol of surrender? The white flag used by one side giving in instead of continuing in a conflict, whether it be a pretend game or war games. The white feather for many years has been the sign of cowardice. So a similar colour Poppy is not very appropriate to represent the bravery of the men and women ‘who gave their today so we could have our tomorrow.’

How is it possible to fully understand the sheer hell of an infantryman living night and day in the mud and polluted filth on the front line, while the other side rained missiles down on them. What did these men think of as they lay in limbo waiting to fight to protect a dirty muddy plot of land? Was it their wife or girlfriend back home, wondering what she or his family were doing. How did they cope with the slaughter happening around them? They must have continually wondered when they would be able to return home and then the thought of what they would find when they got there. The Poppy represents their bravery, not the conflict, and that is why it is red.landscape photo of cemetery during daytime

What must it have been like for an airman of Bomber Command, receiving every night instructions of where they were to fly that night over enemy territory, full of gunfire and fighter aircraft, which had one thought in mind and that was to shoot you out of the sky. Imagine their thoughts as they walked out to the aircraft, climbing into it…having a quick look round thinking to themselves if they would ever see the sight again. Or perhaps they would be lucky tonight and maybe it would be tomorrow when it was their turn not to come home. Then going aboard the machine and once more the sheer discomfort of it; where the noise is deafening and the cold is so intense you go numb with it. At the same time, you have to fly the device keeping it on a course and eventually aim the bombs loaded in the belly of the aircraft and pray the other side don’t get you in their sights before you can make a change of direction to return home.

red petaled flowers fieldWe must not forget the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy who throughout the conflict of the Second World War suffered serious losses as they continued sailing to far off places to bring provisions to the home front ensuring the supplies were adequate for the war machine. How did they feel on a windy dark rainy night, bitterly cold standing on an open bridge scouring the waters looking for the sign of a ‘U’ Boat, or a torpedo streaming through the dark waters towards them? Or perhaps watching one of the merchantmen in the convoy being destroyed as it exploded and sank in seconds.

On two occasions, 1914 – 1918 and then the Second World War starting in 1939. But for the bravery of our Armed forces, it is very possible we today would be living under the yoke of the ‘SS’ and the ‘Gestapo’ of Germany’s Armed forces.

This is what the Red Poppy represents, the bravery of these men and women. It has nothing to do with glorifying the horror of war or any conflict. It represents what these thousands of Service personnel went through to protect their homeland. It is a symbol of determination and above all it is a means, and has been for the last ninety seven years, of a way for the Royal British Legion to raise money to look after during their lifetime, the injured, the needy, and their families who have been hurt, as a result of protecting us from the insurgents determined to destroy our way of life. pcbtimegentlemencover1600x2400


How things have changed

Children today are brought up in centrally heated houses … 

with warm beds and a variety of food for breakfast and other meals, and the word ‘hunger’ will not come into their lives. They will be taken to school and a parent will most probably hold their hand as they walk along the street, and if it is more than a few hundred yards then they will be taken in the family car. If it is too cold or snowing then no doubt the school will close, however, if open then it will be warm and dry. On their return home they will be looked after and comforted and their biggest worry in the evening will be completing their homework.

I would like to make it very clear that I am not saying that any of the above is wrong and we treated our children exactly the same way.

During the Second World War, it was nothing like the above, at the age of four and a half school was introduced to you. There was only one way to get there and that was to walk on your own because your parents would have started their work earlier to help in combating the enemy who wanted to destroy the English way of life. If it was raining, snowing or a storm blowing then you still went and when you arrived shivering with the cold – the accommodation would be the same with ice on both sides of the windows as there would be no heating or maybe one coal fire to heat the numerous rooms. On route, you would be scouring the skies looking for enemy planes who could do you harm always with a pit of fear in your stomach. At night for safety away from the conflict laying in a small dark wet hole in the ground with condensation running off a steel roof where sleep is impossible because of the enormous noise of bombs dropping outside and the ground shaking. That is what the novel ‘Blitz & Pieces’ describes. 

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Pinnacle Books Award Winner

Story Telling Thirteen

With ‘Story Telling Thirteen’ now safely on Amazon, we move forward and continue with the series and ‘Fourteen’ is starting to come together and will be as interesting and exciting as the previous group of booklets

The Story Telling series of booklets are published bi-monthly for the enjoyment of reading short stories of interest combined with unusual facts or interesting items about life. The content comes in the main from members of the Hondon Writers Circle with various skills in the art of telling a tale. Whilst the contents are interesting they do not date and therefore any in the previous twelve are as fascinating as they were when they were written.

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Percy Chattey Autobiography

Blitz and Pieces

Two for One

Two for One

Something a little different in that I have combined two of my winning novels into one book.

Although the two stories are totally different some of the characters are the same, and both novels as separate identities won their section in the Pinnacle Awards. 

Both novels were enjoyable and interesting to write following some detailed search into location and history.

On the back cover, it says: Two for One is two separate novels under one cover. Both are Pinnacle Award winners, one ‘Politically Incorrect’ in the category of Best Thriller and the other ‘The Black Venus’ for Best Fiction.   Two of the characters appear and are central to the storyline in each novel. They are both exciting reads in the drama of their plots and both have surprising ends.

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Climate Change

lightning and storm on sea to the sunset - bad weather
As the year two thousand and eighteen continues it will no doubt be remembered in the main for the appalling weather which has done untold damage across the world, which in some cases is continuing as the year progresses.

The unusual deadly freezing temperatures that spread across North East America earlier in the year is just an example; can we believe the experts at the time when they told us ‘it is the start of a new ice age?’ It was not too long ago we were informed about the horrors of ‘global warming’, a phrase which was constantly repeated, with World Leaders holding summits to discuss how to combat it.

This transformed, I am not certain when, but instead of GW we are told about ‘climate change’. A lovely phrase! It has no meaning because the perpetrators of it cannot be wrong…if it gets colder they are right and if on the other hand, the opposite happens then they are still right.Driving in snow storm on British Road

We must not forget other experts who understand the science of looking back at the weather blueprint of World history, they will argue that any change is only an adjustment in the overall pattern and has been going on since the start of time.

One thing we are very certain about and that is our cities are killing people through the pollution that has taken place because of our love of travelling and the use of the motorcar and similar modes of transport. It is a repeat of what happened in the forties and the fifties when the use of burning coal to heat our homes brought thick smog, especially in the autumn.

If my reader you have never experienced not being able to see more than a few feet in front of you let me explain. The smoke pouring out of thousands of chimneys was full of soot particles and when it mixed with the cold damp air it became greasy and thick making it very difficult to breathe, and your face would be covered in black specks especially around your nose. The difference is then you could see it…now it is a silent killer as the fumes from a combustion engine are not so obvious.

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Planes in the Sky

plane in airJust recently there has been a conference in South Korea to discuss the problems of Climate change pondering on the constant rain storms around the world. Whilst I have no real knowledge of what is happening there are many scientists who believe brief periods of changeable weather has been happening since the start of time.

Where we live in South East Spain the skies on most days are clear and a beautiful pastel blue. As we are sitting by the pool looking at the wonderland around us in the warmth of the sun, high above us two to three hundred people are sitting in a tin box being taken somewhere. No doubt, they in the main will be full of excitement and as they gaze out of the window of the flying machine they will see vapour pouring off the wing edges. Probably totally meaningless to them as that is what happens and they have seen it before.

We on the ground look skywards and watch this tiny speck five or six miles above us making its way across the heavens until it disappears over the horizon. It has gone but some of it is still there behind it, for it has left a long stream of water vapour mixed with burnt engine fuel. As the day progresses this vapour spreads into a long wide cloud and as more and more tin boxes cross the sky then each of them leaves a similar trail and like the others, they will grow, effectually blotting out the blue.

I have just gone into ‘Flightradar 24’ an App which tracks every aircraft in the air and as I write there are ten thousand planes flying around the world. As most flights only take two or three hours it is difficult to calculate how many planes are taking off and flying on a daily basis. Each in its own way leaving behind it burnt pcbblitzandpiecescover1600x2400fuel and high in the sky water vapour, which eventually finds it way downwards…is that why we are having so many rain storms? So perhaps the pundits are right climate change is about how we treat the environment, but who is brave enough to tell the people they can no longer fly!!!

Watchit Too!

This is a super novel and a follow on from ‘Watchit’ that is why we changed the colour of the ladies dress on the front cover.

The story continues in the same East London and the Essex area in a period in my opinion when life was more defined and simpler. 

It was a great story to write tidying u lose ends and promoting the story line and the characters. I think the wording on the rear describes it perfectly

Dear Reader, It has always fascinated me when two people see each other for the first time and immediately know they are going to be close friends – and yet, it also works the other way when two strangers can take an immediate dislike to one another and be instant enemies. How this chemistry in all of us comes about I do not know?

However what happens when new relationships conflict with the old? What happens when a bad attitude turns to irrational behavior? This is a story about such events. The beauty of a loving illicit relationship, the hate generated by jealousy, the flippant viewpoint of an escapee – all these perceptions come together to make a stunning thrilling story

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Story Telling Three

This issue of Story Telling was published in the Spring of 2017, as in all copies of this fine booklet the stories and feature do not date and are meant for the enjoyment of the reader, as the writing on the rear cover says.

We are now into story Telling three as per One and Two, there is a lot to see

Funny, sad ones and stunning pictorial

Also true stories with factual editorial

There are short stories as well as others

and nothing which would shock your mother

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