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Welcome Book Lovers & Authors!

Ok this is my first blog. I write thrillers / suspense novels (and an autobiography). I am a little nervous, but know from observing other author’s blogs that there is no need to be as there are plenty of friendly and interesting people in the book world. So I look forward to meeting you all.

In between writing my latest thriller, I hope to be blogging about the literary world in general, self-publishing, writing styles and techniques… also maybe review some book I have read recently and of course updates and teasers about my own thriller books.

I may also mention my ‘tranquilo’ lifestyle in the sunny mountains of Costa Blanca, Spain where I write and live (mostly ‘al-fresco’). And I may also just write about anything that takes my fancy, crosses my path or is worthy of a comment… Hey! what the heck, live dangerously!

I look forward to the journey and hope to pick up some friends along the way.

Thank you for visiting, my wife and I wish you well.
Percy and Jean


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