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Dreams, Lies, Cheats and Reality

My Autobiography Book / Life StoryReading an autobiography is always an interesting literary adventure, don’t you think?

My favourite holiday relaxation is reading someone’s life story, usually a celebrity or sports person. Over the last 10 years or so every woman and her dog appear to have written one, especially the “new kids on the block” – most of them with such a short life or they had a quick route to temporary fame!

Well I think ‘ordinary’ people have just as interesting lives as the Z-Celeb… (if not more so).
So I started my autobiography “Dreams, Lies, Cheats and Reality” many years ago and still add to it as a revised addition. It covers my life from the WWII, through my teenage years, business life, love story and the ups and downs of ‘normal’ life.  I often find I remember things well but get the dates / timescales wrong! Well as long as I am writing the truth as I remember it.

Here is a brief excerpt…

In between times, the ‘pom poms’ would be going off in fast sequence. It was a gun that could fire shells in quick succession, one of which would be a tracer. A tracer is like the lighted tail of a rocket firework going high into the air showing the gunners where their aim was.

The search lights would be piercing the night sky looking for the enemy, when one was found the tracers would search it out so that the shells following would make a hit.

Through all this we lay in the shelter very quietly, no one saying a word, just listening to the thundering noise, hoping Dad was alright, wondering and wishing it would soon stop.

But the months were to roll by and the German planes were intent on doing as much damage as they could. For 76 consecutive nights, I have since read, they continued their bombardment night after night.

Each morning after the beautiful sound of the single note of the siren giving the ‘all clear’, we would leave the safety of the Anderson. The enemy rarely came during the daylight hours. Scattered around the garden and in the street would be pieces of shrapnel that had dropped out of the sky, the remains of the shells that had been fired from our guns, sometimes a piece of aircraft amongst them.

In the woods to our right I could see lots of lanterns moving about and the more I looked the more there were. I caught up with the other lad and pointed them out to him, my heart racing thinking that we were being attacked by hordes of Mau Mau all carrying lanterns. He didn’t actually laugh at me but called me a silly something or other as the lanterns were nothing more than fire flies.

On another occasion, as I remember it was in the same area as the bridge, we came across a destroyed farmhouse, it had been trashed by the terrorists, the dead still lying where they had been killed. There was nothing we could do except advise the Kenya Police.

“Dreams, Lies, Cheats and Reality” is at and other channels.

I just added & edited a few sections of my book and we updated the book cover. It is available from Amazon / Kindle and other online outlets.


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