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Politically Incorrect by Percy W. Chattey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved it! I am a slow reader but this I could hardly put down over a wet & windy weekend (apart from eating breaks / chores)… The main plot is very intriguing and very well written, centering around a revengeful plot against the UK government during a pending election. Colin, a successful businessman, faces ruin due to new economic policies and will not take it lying down… so he hatches a sinister plan to foil these policies ever getting passed. It involves some pretty unsavory ideas that prove to be much more complicated than he imagined.

This is a very easy book to read and get into. It has loads of twists and turns that keep you interested and reading on… there is a love and family interest in it that set to upset Colin’s plans. And as the tale unfolds it keeps you guessing as to how it will all end.

I didn’t guess the ending right and other reviewers have commented that the end is very surprising but clever. I would echo that! I say that Chattey’s writing is clever and descriptive throughout. I can’t remember ever stumbling with the plot but enjoyed the build-up and it’s finale. Well done!

I checked Chattey’s website and I think he is fairly new to thriller book writing but you would never guess from this offering… the site says the next book is a follow on from this one… I think I’ll be risking a small investment on that. Enjoyable and worth the effort.

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