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50 Great Author Interviews (BBC TV/Radio Archives)

P G WodehouseWOW !! What a fantastically interesting find I just stumbled on!

The good ol’ BBC of UK have released a special series of archive radio interviews with modern day writers and novelists. Taken from the last 60 years it includes many great English writers such as J R R Tolkien, Virginia Woolf, Somerset Maugham, PG Wodehouse, John Wyndham, Lawrence Durrell, Keith Waterhouse and loads more – over 50 actually.

I have only listened to a few as yet but it is mighty interesting to hear their voices and views. Often when reading a book the only ‘personality’ of the author we have are the book profile notes or a mini biog’.

If you have time and LIVE in the UK you can hear them on the BBC’s website :

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