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10 Things To Do To Publicise Your Book

Having recently researched how to get better publicity for my books I found loads of great ideas to help us all market books better, especially online. Wish me luck !!

As an independent author / publisher you will find that good marketing and relentless effort are overall key factors to your book’s success and sales. if no-one knows about it you will not sell any books… get ready for a long and arduous journey but it CAN BE DONE if these guys are a good example:
1)  Bruce E. Spitzer
2) Amanda Hocking

You can do all these yourself if you wish or maybe get an assistant or PR person to do. If like me you are an independent publisher using the likes of Amazon Createspace then the tips below should really help.

  1. Do you own Book Launch Party! – Set a venue (possibly a local book shop), send out invitations to friends, relatives and local authors, journalists and dignitaries. Get some posters made of you and the book in question. Better if you lay on drinks and canapes. Sign the books and give a speech! … yes easy said than done...
    but you’ll get a lot of bonuses here such as:
    – Local attention from news media
    – Photo opportunities and content for your blog / website or PR
    – Sell a few books there and then
    – Word-of-mouth publicity
    – Free Reviews is you ask
    – Email Addresses from attendees
    – a BIG slap on the back / confidence to do it again!
  2. Self Publish your Books – It gets ever harder to get a traditional publisher deal. But it’s easy enough to publish your book online now as an eBook (like Kindle, iBookStore, etc) or even sell through “print-on-demand” channels. Amazon Createspace is possibly the most popular and famous with loads of tools and support to get your book online and advertised over the Amazon channels.
    – You have more control over the PR, Book Cover, Price and Content
    – You can take more of the revenue instead of paying loads of middle men/women.
  3. Start a Website or Blog – This blog is part of my PR attempts. It’s easy-peasy and can be free these days to start a website / blog. You can write about your books and lifestyle (or anything) that might get followers and interest. It can take time to build up a following but with patience and effort your site will get noticed by the Search Engines and then in turn be shown in real search results. More traffic, more potential to sell or create a ‘buzz’ about your books. If you want a ‘branded’ site or are not that good with computers then you may have to get a web designer to do this for you.
  4. Create an eBook Version – The prolific take-up of eBook readers like Kindle Direct Publishing and the iPad make it pretty essential to offer an eBook version of your book. In fact it may be the best way to sell your books.
    – There is more profit in eBooks (create once, sell multiple times)
    – There are many formats of eBook so many more channels to sell
    – eBooks are likely to take over hard sales in the next few years
    – You can more easily distribute your book or offer it free to reviewers
    – If you do a PDF version – make sure it has security built in so it cannot be copied/printed or altered
  5. Join Book Forums / Book Review Sites – There are loads of people willing to read your book for free in return for a review. (Some are bogus, so be careful)
    – You can converse with other authors / readers
    – Find out what else is out there
    – Publicise your own books and online channels
    – Create groups or chat shops who share your genre of book, e.g. Thrillers
    – Post comments on others books or topics
    – Get links to your site
  6. Blog a post everyday – write something of interest to you and your followers about the literary world. E.G. “My TOP 10 books”…
    – offer your readers to discuss or comment on your blog posts
    – and reply back to them so you encourage some interaction. If they like you they might buy your book – at least you are extending your name!
  7. Join the Social Media Revolution – Join and post about books and literature over on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn (or which ever you prefer). The latter are the most popular.
    – Use the search functions on Social Media sites to find “authors, “writers or “book readers” (or similar keyword topics)
    – Email / Post or Ask them to like your website / Facebook / Twitter as another avenue for sharing book ideas
    – You can post your book covers on there, links to your Amazon (or other) sales channel
    – Explain or give away excerpts from your book
    – Engage with your readers
    – Link up with other Indie authors to swap PR ideas
    – Join other Facebook groups about book writing
    _ Tweet your thoughts and copy to your Blog and Facebook so you get treble whammy and potentially more publicity
  8. Create A Video Book Trailer – If you can (or know someone who can) make a short video about your book. Storyboard it first and work out what images or messages you want to say and start experimenting with a Video Editor Software (there are free ones that probably already reside on your computer
    – Add music over the whole thing to make it more Pro’ and emotional.
    – Highlight your books’ plot without revealing too much
    – You’ll need some high quality images or illustrations – Try they have loads of royalty free images and videos
    – Add a voice over if you can but make sure it is audible, clear and demanding
    – Check out YouTube for “Book Trailers” there are loads of good and bad ones to give you ideas
    – Take your time and get your book trailer right the first time before you share it on your Blogs, Websites, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc And try it out on friends first, except their feedback, make changes if necessary.
  9. Don’t just write or PR about your own books – As tempting as it is write about your books only, please cover a subject or a genre of novel, (e.g. Thrillers or Romance)
    – Your followers will not get bored of your self-promotion
    – Yes slip a reference or link in now and again but write and comment about other literary or lifestyle stuff
    – Show your personality, knowledge and share non-booky things or pictures you like
  10. Do Author Interviews – Do your own Q&A or ask another author or fan you know to set the questions.
    – Answer 10 questions, blog it, social media network it use it online PR
    – Link to the online version from your website or Twitter accounts – here is mine “A Chat with Chattey – Author
    – Use it as a teaser for some unusual fact about yourself – “I write books but can juggle 5 oranges at the same time!” / “I once met Stephen King at Disney World, Florida.”
    – Offer a reciprocal interview with another author who is also self promoting
    – Offer the Q & A to Book Blogs, Use a book cover shot and/or a mug shot with it

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