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Self Published Books : Perpetual Promotion

OK, I am new to this self-publishing / independent author journey. So as well as trying to complete my latest book “The Black Venus” (a fast moving new crime thriller book) I am researching and learning about promoting my books… Wow! What a minefield and steep learning curve it is too!

Like many I am using the Amazon site “” to help launch, publish and promote my thriller books. It is a MASSIVE resource for authors and self publishers.

Perpetual Promotion:

I discovered from Brian Jud (written 17 books) that once your book is available for sale to the public you enter into the stage of perpetual promotion. By this he means you are nurturing and helping your indie book get noticed, it’s organic and the following has to grow. You cannot just do a quick book launch and that’s it… NO! Promoting books (or any online product) relies on ON-GOING MARKETING across many channels (on-line and off-line) to your target readers.

So it’s a long haul, requires time, focus and a new way of achieving a buzz … So no instance fame or fortune for me then! Just as well I do this writing for fun and enjoy it … to make a living or help towards the bills would be nice though.



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