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Amazon Central for Indie Authors

Being an Independent Author of Crime & Thriller fiction books I use Create Space and Amazon to upload, promote and sell my books online (paperback and ebook). It can be very bewildering to use their systems although to think we writers can do all this ourselves in the digital age is still amazing thanks to the clever people at Amazon, Apple, Nook and others.

It’s a steep learning curve when all you want to do is write novels not learn about Jpegs, digital rights, copyright and ebook formats! So I am probably not getting to grips with all the tools that people like Amazon offer to authors. Well other writer’s blogs and websites do offer help, inspiration and share knowledge thankfully.

The INDIES UNLIMITED blog is great for new info and insights into Author tools and ideas – K.S. Brooks recently blogged about Amazon Author Central which allow writers like me to create a page on Amazon that gets indexed by Google. K S Brooks says every Author should use it…

SNIPPET: “Before I show you how to claim and set up your author page, you’d probably like to know why you need one.
– they’re free. It’s like having your own multi-media website from which people can also buy your books.
#2 – you can post your biography, video trailers and even rss feeds from your blog(s) and twitter there.
#3 – you can post upcoming events, signings, appearances, etc.
#4 – potential readers can post questions directly to you in the “discussions” forum.
#5 – All your books will be linked to one page where people can see everything: how many books, how many reviews, and the cost…. ”

» Full article here

So I (and you) better get ourselves over their jolly quick. I’ll let you know how I get on. :-)


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One thought on “Amazon Central for Indie Authors

  1. Many thanks for this helpful post. I published my first collection of short stories, “The Girl At The Bus Stop” on 11 November, on Amazon with little understanding of the promotional resources availible to authors. I will certainly check out the links you mention.

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