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Pitching your book…

I like a blog post I just read  (link below) – It’s easy to digest with some simple but great tips on how to pitch your book. See if you agree?

Here’s a snippet…

The most important thing a pre-published author learns is how to talk about his or her work in a way that attracts interest from an editor or agent. It’s one thing to create a book but it’s a very different skill set to talk about that book, or “pitch” it, to a total stranger.

In this interactive workshop, I use easy-to-understand techniques to teach participants the all-important skill of pitching their work to editors or agents. ….

three step formula for crafting a great book pitch—which she created after years of listening to how best-selling authors pitch their books.

I’ll give you a hint: despite what you may hear to the contrary, they don’t use a single-sentence log line.
Step 1: The First Log Line

The first log line is what we usually hear about: a single sentence that includes the following:

The hero
The hero’s flaw
The life-changing event that starts the story
The opponent
The ally
The battle or conflict

This, Linda says, is a great place to begin your pitch: it sums up the basic story elements. For example, the log line for her book 50 First Dates could be:

A womanizer veterinarian falls in love with a girl with short-term memory loss.”    … want more ?

» Check out the full article  » Cheryl Reif Writes Blog / Linda Rohrbough


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