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Using your email signature for Book Promotion

Email IconWe live in the “e” world now and email is a primary communications method. So how come most of us don’t take advantage of this simple method for promoting ourselves, a service, a product or even an anecdote?

For free, email signatures are a pretty powerful marketing tool. Just guess at how many emails you send or reply to everyday. For me it can be 50 to 100! yes 100’s a week to friends, relatives, business partners and fans. So why shouldn’t I mention my book or blog or website to them? Makes perfect sense – they could be potential customers after all.

Yes it’s low-key and free but it creates a new chance to promote my book. It provides an easy path to discover and hopefully purchase your book.

1) Add a SIGNATURE TODAY: So I urge you to discover how your email software or service provider (Outlook, Microsoft Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Google, etc) will allow you to add a signature to your emails automatically – just check their help section. If they don’t allow email signatures then you might want to change to a new service that does.

2) Update Regularly: Because most email software adds your signature automatically you may forget to keep it up-to-date. So make it a monthly task to check / edit it with new info or corrections… e.g. add your new book title or a link.

3) What to include: This will vary for everyone and depend how much you have to say – but keep it simple and as short as possible – it is not meant to overpower your message.

But the basics are a cordial ending like “regards / thank you” + your name & title
followed by your job title e.e. “Author of Thriller Books”
+ A logo or Book images (small icon) if allowed
+ contact details (email, Skype, telephone)
+ Latest book title & short teaser sentence : “A story of murder, love and revenge”
+ important book / web links (website, blog, kindle)
+ Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, etc)

4) Multiple Devices: Increasingly we access and reply to email using more than one device so make sure each device has a consistent signature too.

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If you have any tips to share let me know – what do you include in your email signature?

and finally … ” I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done. ” – Steven Wright


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