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Book Deals are Possible Then!

They say everyone has a book in them… That may well be true but having a great story to share is no guarantee of actually getting a book published or displayed in the high street book shops around the country. Is it possible for Indie Authors?

Liked this from Nataly Kelly: (see source)
Yes, you can get a book deal via social media. After many years of pitching book concepts through a literary agent to no avail, I ended the relationship and decided to try my own luck. I searched for editors at publishing houses on Linked-in and sent a pitch to an editor using an InMail. Because the number of characters is limited, I had to convey the entire book concept in just a few concise paragraphs. To my amazement, a social media-savvy editor, Marian Lizzi at Perigee (an imprint of Penguin USA), responded and requested more details. So there you have it — an InMail that eventually led to a book deal.”

I also liked this post “The Five Rules of Getting a Book Deal” by Jean Hannah Edelstein…
Here are the rules according to Hannah but I URGE YOU to read the meat of the article…

Rule 1: write something extraordinary
Rule 2: research the business of publishing
Rule 3: network
Rule 4: get an agent
Rule 5: be patient and manage your expectations

We all know about the last one or should do! And a stark caveat from Hannah is:
“There are few things more satisfying than holding a book in your hands that you wrote yourself, but it is unlikely to set you up for life.

But it is our dreams that motivate us, even if only a minority only ever achieve their dreams. it is reported that twelve publishers turned down J.K Rowling’s manuscript for the first Harry Potter book before one publisher finally accepted it. You’re book might not be Harry Potter but the principle holds. As Hannah says in RULE 5 – “Be Patient”   but keep trying!

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