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eBook Makes a Lot of Money

Joe Konrath - Mystery BooksOk, so this story is an exception to the rule, but it will warm the heart of a few tired and forlorn writers looking for some hope I am sure…

Joe Konrath, an mystery novel author, took a decision to go Kindle eBook and looked what happened! [The Guardian News]. Yes releasing his books in digital format has paid off. And he is as surprised as anyone!

SNIPPET : “Much like the mystery novels that Joe Konrath writes, many authors and publishers are trying to solve the case of how to make money in the book industry that is decreasingly dependant on the printed form of books. Mr Konrath feels he has tallied up the clues and, with a bank account like his, it is hard to argue.

Over a six week period surrounding the Christmas holidays and through January, Mr Konrath pocketed over $150,000 from the sale of his eBooks on, and is now trumpeting the ease of the web behemoth’s Kindle platform for less established authors…

… Two years and a number of novels and short stories later, he made $68,000 in April 2011 through the same platform. ‘E-books are preferable to paper, they can be delivered instantly, in many cases they’re cheaper, you can buy them with the press of a button,’ he said, rattling off his reasoning for the success.

It also helped that, through a promotion, he was offering some of his 40 books for free on the platform during the five days before Christmas, and that prompted people to come back and pay full price in the following weeks and months.” – » read more?

WELL DONE to Joe!!

“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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