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Death For A Starter! New Thriller Book

Free Sample Book ChapterANNOUNCING MY NEW THRILLER 2013:
I’d like to tease you with a FREE CHAPTER and the NEW BOOK COVER from my forth-coming thriller novel “Death For A Starter”.

I am quite excited about the story line and it is coming on really well now. I hope to have it ready for release later in the Spring if things go well. It will be available as a paperback and eBook on Amazon. (I’ll keep you posted)

» You can download the first chapter of “Death For A Starter” for  free on my main website. And here is the first draft of the front book cover: What do you think?

Death For A Starter by Percy Chattey

STORY OUTLINE: Ireland in the 1850’s was being destroyed by a famine in which people were dying from starvation because the staple diet, the potato had been ruined by a fungus that had spread across Europe.

This is the story of one family who watch as their income is destroyed and then go to great lengths to survive when their neighbours are dying in their thousands, whilst others are emigrating to various parts of the world. A tale of murder and robbery. also a family living in fear of being recognised, arrested and hanged.

From rural Ireland to the industrial North East of England the story takes the reader through twists and turns as we follow a ten year old boy’s ruthlessness in protecting his love ones and steers them through an industrial life in Victorian England.

» “Death For A Starter” (A new thriller book) by Percy Chattey Books.


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