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Pitching your Book – Quick Tips!

Look what I bought with my book token from Nick Clegg!Just been reading “The Author Pitch” by Richard Ridley – a name that keeps cropping up – he’s prolific – always on FB !

Here he talks about those potentially awkward moments an Author has when you first meet someone, they ask what you do, you make the potential mistake of telling them you are an Author and then question after question. But of course you like saying you are an author and it’s a chance to pitch your book(s).

But how much do you think about what you are about to say or even how you say it. Is it just as much about selling your books as it is selling yourself?

Richard gives us a few tips such as:
1) “Confidence is the key to presenting your author pitch to prospective readers and/or followers of your brand” :  If you sound hestitant or unsure you probably will not do your book or yourself justice. Be proud of your writing and enthuse (even if you are nervous – a little acting comes in handy sometimes)
2) also Richard says “Know your genre. This is a crucial piece in your author pitch.” : Even if you are one of those authors who hate to pigeon-hole your work others like to put us in boxes called genres! So if it helps a potential reader / buyer of t=your book then why not give them a good idea of the theme – if it’s “up their street” they are more likely to buy it. And buyers that like books recommend to friends.

Richard finishes by confirming that the key “is to be in the know, not just about yourself, but about your profession.”

You are an author. You should proclaim it with confidence and knowledge about your craft and industry. Now, what kind of author are you?


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