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Obvious Author Tip#1: Proofread your book again and again

Digital Book ReadersMake sure you proofread your book several times. You can ask a friend or a relative to do this for you or you can even hire a professional proofreader to read through your book at least twice.

Just in case you never read the above:
MAKE SURE YOU PROOF READ YOUR BOOK (at least twice) before submitting to a publisher or to print or to eBook

You also have to consider a good title and a good cover. Readers are often attracted to picking up a book from a book store through the title and the cover page. They would even look at the headings of each chapter to judge the overall theme of the book. As the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” but that’s how most book readers do it.

Self Publishing: The easiest way to publish your book is through Self Publishing. Most of the time, traditional publishers would only publish a book if you already have a name. But if you are a new author, self publishing your book is your safest bet. You can even get more profit if you self publish. A lot of classic writers went to self publishing and made a name for themselves like Mark Twain, Walt Whitman and James Redfield. Self Publishing companies will also help you market your book, no questions asked. Traditional publishers would promote books if they think it will be a best seller. Anyway, your goal here is to publish your book and make it known to many. Self Publishing will surely get you to your dream.
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One thought on “Obvious Author Tip#1: Proofread your book again and again

  1. Gah, proofreading. My eternal nemesis. No matter how many times I read through a manuscript, little mistakes always seem to slip through the cracks. I guess that’s what editors and copy editors and beta readers are for, though :D

    Oh, and I tried to Like this post, but WordPress is being finicky, so my apologies!

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