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Kindle or real Books!

kindle-fireI have a Kindle Fire – and love how I can have books almost instantly and get book bargains that I might not see at all or until I visit a book shop. It’s great, as I live in the middle of nowhere so don’t have to travel miles to get books any more.It has it’s pros and cons though …

It is next to useless in my sunny conservatory where I prefer sit in my comfy chair to read in the Winter. I can hardly see the Kindle screen for reflection. it’s like looking in a mirror. So I still have to return to a good old fashioned paperback if I want to read in my favourite room.

And I actually find it slow to load the internet. Not over impressed to be honest.

So I guess we just have to have both!


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3 thoughts on “Kindle or real Books!

  1. I guess the nice thing about ebooks is that you don’t have to cut down trees to produce them, unlike with print books. But … I don’t know, I guess I like the idea of having a story that you can read anywhere, in any lighting, and never worry about running out of batteries or it crashing or something.

    • Thanks for the comment….
      It would be interesting to know if cutting trees down is better / worse than using batteries from a ‘green’ perspective. I read somewhere that it takes 5 units of electricity to make just 1 unit of battery power, they are not a good use of energy.

    • That’s a good point. I never think of batteries. This is why I’m not a scientist, lol. That info must be out there somewhere. I know batteries are definitely bad for the environment, whereas trees can re-grow. Hmmm …

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