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Printer Ink a Rip-Off … We already knew that!

A recent report in the Daily Mail (UK) shows how printer and ink manufacturers are ripping off the public with various tactics. The obvious one being sell the printer itself really cheaply as a loss leader and then lock the ink cartridge so you have to buy their ink at extortionate prices.

In doing so they have sparked off a whole new multi-million pound industry in cheaper replacement ink products. Is it so simple that if the official printer makers sold ink at reasonable prices they would lap up this money!!

The great printer rip off:

  • Ink costs more than vintage champers
  • devious new tricks mean you constantly have to buy refills, reduced the amount of ink inside them.
  • Cartridges with 4ml of ink cost 50p to make but sold at £3,000 per litre
  • Families can spend up to £2,000 every year on cartridge refills alone

Is their any sectors of retail or business industries that are not out to cheat us all. Greed!!


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One thought on “Printer Ink a Rip-Off … We already knew that!

  1. I always assumed printer ink was so expensive because it was costly to make. Clearly not!

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