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This is not my ManifestoAs an independent author and publisher, just selling a few books anywhere is nice!! You get a buzz for sure. Of course many authors dream of a best seller on show in their favourite bookstore. In reality that rarely happens.

The book market place is awash with TOO MANY BOOKS !! I am sure that just like my new thriller novel “The Black Venus” that a good % are worth the investment in time and, quite frankly, too cheap a price. So buy my books please they are well worth the read.

Ok, as much as most authors write for the love of it (I do), it seems to me in reality that economically, writing a novel is a terrible business idea. We have a very saturated marketplace and that means an almost impregnable wall of competition.

Yes on the one hand services like Amazon’s CreateSpace are a God-send to Indies but with my cynical eye I do wonder if it’s another global juggernaut milking the dreams of thousand’s of creative and naive people queuing up to pay over the odds for their work to be ‘out-there’, whilst they of course take the lion’s share. They seem to be getting rich, not authors!

Like many budding authors I have paid hard-earned money to services that amount to very little and in some cases a complete rip-off.

…. and these self-publishing services know too well that there will be a few thousand more rookie authors looking for a golden fleece today, tomorrow and another day. I read another article recently than most Indies will be lucky to sell 100 books in their lifetime! Of course it is such as shame that all that talent is not seen or read. I am sure it can be heart-breaking for some as it dawns on them that the 100’s of hours spent word-processing and crafting their novel will not get much further than a few friends and relatives.

Of course, I understand that we budding writers need a facility such as CreateSpace or Amazon, but why do they have to take such a cut? And does the ease of CreateSpace actually decrease our chances of success by flooding the market with even more books? Surely, every time a new book is published you have another competitor to deal with?

But a writer has to write, right?    …. that will never change!


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