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Best Time To Write – We Are All Different!

Maria Murnane asked some author friends when they prefer to write. While I tend to be the most productive in the middle of the day and late afternoon/early evening, their answers were quite different:

Karen McQuestion, whose newest book is a paranormal young adult novel called Edgewood: “Morning is best! But not too early in the morning, if I can help it. I love my sleep too.”

Jezra Kaye, author of The Tattooed Heart: “I love to write in the middle of the night, when the world is quiet and I can hear myself think.”

Raymond Bean, author of the School Is a Nightmare and Sweet Farts series: “I write almost exclusively at night. I’m sharpest when the activity of the day is long gone and the house is quiet. I wish I could type in my sleep, I’d have so many more books.”

Ellen Greenfield, author of Come From Nowhere: “Although I’d like to say I come to the page daily, the truth is that I have a pretty demanding weekday work schedule and I save up a week or more of book ideas and then dive in for marathon sessions in the studio on weekends. Once I’m in there, you can’t pry me loose all day.”

The time authors can devote to writing varies from person to person, but the important thing to take from this is that these authors are making the time. It might take some experimentation to get into a regular writing schedule, but you’ll be more productive for doing so.

Next week, these authors will share what they listen to in the background, so stay tuned…pun intended!

In the meantime, let’s hear from you! What times of day do you find to be most productive for writing?

by Maria Murnane (CreateSpace contributor).
She is the award-winning author of the romantic comedies Perfect on Paper, It’s a Waverly Life and Honey on Your Mind. She also provides consulting services on book publishing and marketing. Learn more at


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