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Frequency is your Friend!

Get a Brand!!I just read an excellent (as usual) article by Richard Ridley about indie writing being more than a hobby.

He says as a self-publishing author you need to much more marketing oriented these days to build your brand and “you have to be multidimensional”. [Richard writes a lot for CreateSpace]

I would concur with this as hard is it might be for some of us ol’ scribblers to get into the “new media” groove. However, Richard is right, is he not?

“the more you’re online and seen, the more awareness you’re building for your brand”

Let’s face it, most Authors just want to write their books/novels – in my case a few “new thriller books” – and get it published and sold ASAP, no messing! Of course the cruel real-life reality is that this doesn’t happen very often. It’s a real slog to sell books in paper or electronic formats in such a saturated market… indeed, as I am experiencing myself!

So reading Richard’s article helps me (and you my dear fellow authors) to focus on some key aspects of self-publicity. Apparently, I am a brand and need to make all my PR and output in that brand zone. I like this idea really, don’t truly understand ‘brand’ and don’t like the hard-work it might entail as it takes me away from my first love… writing books and being creative with characters.

Granted some of Richard’s ideas involve writing, like this Blog which I usually enjoy. But I’d still rather carry on finishing my books thank you. Of course here-in lies the irony …. writing a book for months on end that so few people might read seems a massive effort and time thief for so little reward. When if you follow and indeed get into the mindset Richard is persuading authors to do is a path to selling more books. The two, writing and PR, go hand-in-hand and always have.

And, critically Richard suggests, you have to do this PR/Branding on a very frequent basis to gain momentum, interest and increasingly in the cyber-world, more eFollowers.

In a nutshell, I think Richard is saying that as a self publising author you HAVE to pump out creative PR on a frequent basis in a style and personality that is your ‘brand’.

I will try more but at the moment I can’t define my brand other than “Author of Thriller Books” – which is hardly unique is it? … so I need to think on this or get some Pro’ help.

Please read Richard’s article here – he seems to spend a lot of time PR-ing and spreading the word which I like to read, but not always agree with, his articles.


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