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Hand Writing, A Forgotten Art …

Having just read this article it made me comment my thoughts regarding hand-writing…

As a “writer” of new thriller booksI don’t actually write !! In that I rarely use a real pen and paper (except if I print a few pages to proof read, I may add the odd correction).

Yes, I am word processing nearly everyday and “the world in words” blog made me think hand-writing is a craft forgotten. I certainly cannot write too well with a pen – in fact I cannot always read my own writing these days. My grand children do their school work on computers (I guess it saves paper – but not fuel).

And thinking about it I don’t even need to write a note any more – I can text or email, list my shopping, diarise stuff, dictate or record, print-out or leave a voice mail instantly with the modern technology at my finger-tips. I can’t remember when I last bought a pack of Post-it notes!

Yet I do remember as a pupil taking some considerable time to perfect my hand-writing… making sure my strokes were even and consistent. And I remember buying a Calligraphy Kit to write in the style of “elves” after reading Tolkien’s novels as a young adult. Even being fascinated by the scribble on a Doctor’s prescription note for my medication as I walked into the Pharmacy.

I also remember the excitement of getting a real letter or greetings card in the post and staring at the hand written address on the envelope, eagerly guessing from whom it might be from. One of my favourite comedy books was a collection of very witty Graffiti slogans – “The Graffiti File – by Nigel Rees, inspired by real public scribblers.

So, yeah, unfortunately these damn computers have made hand-writing a long forgotten ‘art’ and I do think printed text can be a bit lack-lustre, without personality and ‘samey’ as we all stick to the same boring computer fonts.

I guess we’ll all be staring at old manuscripts in a few generation’s time and saying “wow, they could write with their bare hands” !


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