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Judging a Book by it’s Cover?

Huffington Post (Books) has a neat article about Indie Authors having to up the ante when it comes to getting their book noticed. A great book cover will attract attention and is part of the marketing mix. Until recently I would design my book covers in Word or Publisher as I didn’t have the skills or software to do a better job. In the end it was apparent that to compete I needed a designer. I engaged my web designer and my thriller books certainly look better now. Getting them in print really shows the difference and would grace any famous high street book stall.


By Terri Giuliano Long for

With self-publishing settling into the mainstream, fierce competition has upped the ante for indie authors. The finest books boast strong, well-written stories. But to rise to the top, to gain traction with readers, even the best book needs a dynamic cover. Recognizing this, savvy indies invest time and energy into creating striking cover designs. As a result, it’s becoming nearly impossible to differentiate between self- and traditionally published books. > Read more here


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