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Blitz and Pieces! My Personal Story

Many moons ago, for fun, I started writing short stories for the grandchildren based around my early life in war-torn London and the struggle to build a career. More for prosperity and the family tree than anything else. >>>> Buy it Here <<<<

My autobiography - Blitz and Pieces

My newer autobiography – “Blitz and Pieces”.

Well before I knew it I had the makings of a book – an autobiography in fact! I kept adding to it and as the pages grew in number I committed to sorting it out into a more structured book. That Book was self published a few years ago: called “Dreams, Lies, Cheats and Reality”. (Available on Amazon and Kindle).

No sooner had I published it, I got to thinking it needed more and I’d left some juicy bits out too. Well it is amazing what you recall of your own life when you actually sit down and think about it. Life is often so fast these days your rarely reflect or recall.

Anyway, the inevitable was that whilst writing my new thriller books, the autobiog’ was calling me again. So YES I have re-written lots of it, added some more chapters and I am about to re-publish it… HOORAY !!!!

– A much more catchy and relevant title really. My fantastic web designer has re-worked the book cover … here it is: Look out for it on the Amazon soon – I hope to look at other distribution channels too as I think it will appeal to veterans – perhaps the British Legion or similar.

I’ll keep you posted.


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