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The Black Venus

Goren has just witnessed the horrific and bizarre shooting of his beloved wife in a remote and poor Balkan village. He has no idea why?

Distraught and broken hearted he swears to find out the reasons and take revenge on the soldier who murdered her.

Then, the seemingly unrelated and shocking carnage of a lethal terrorist bomb in a quaint southern English town destroys its people and its heart, adding to the many compelling twists and turns of this unusual thriller.

Enter an apparently innocuous couple who make a living out of malefaction. Who are they? Their arrival is more than intriguing. They have a dubious assignment too.

Goren’s journey and mission entwines a tale of two war torn nations through scenic Italy, rural England and the former Yugoslavia. From terrorists to land ladies, through determined activists, estate agents and window cleaners, this story has romance, crime plots galore and plenty of subterfuge. The reader will be asking questions from page-to-page until they discover just how does the “Na Trioblóidí” bring this all together?

“The Black Venus” is an imaginative murder mystery thriller with a surprising conclusion, a trade mark of its author, Percy Chattey who has himself lived through war and poverty.  He writes with an understanding and compassion of the subject matter and creates realistic characters with enough mystery to contrive a tale of intrigue.



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