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The Next Thing in eBooks?

I have read various snippets and articles regarding the future of eBook in the Tech age we now find ourselves in. As paper book sales diminish and eBooks nudge in some innovative ideas have been muted and indeed tried…

But I think we are still at the nursery stage in the evolution of eBooks and reading technologies.

The Guardian (UK) caught my eye regarding immersive or interactive eBook Apps that in a nutshell engage the reader not only with words and illustrations (as per traditional books) but also video, games and even mood!

Sounds fantastical to me as a digital dinosaur! Gosh I only just manage to machete my way through Amazon and Kindle for my Thriller Books! But I can see that this might be true especially with virtually every gadget having a built-in camera, wi-fi and touch screens.

It reminds a little of those fantasy adventure books that allowed to choose a route through the book with questions on the next stage and that simply going to page X. So in effect the story can have more than one sub-plot and more than one ending… great for Thrillers I think.

And if you can build the drama with music and video or even tell the reader’s mood by watching their expressions then it really opens up many possibilities for story telling akin to films.

Of course that’s a lot more work and planning into a book and I guess there will still be many people you prefer their own imaginations to do the work but it could be optional and a bit like those old 33 picture discs, the version could be prised accordingly.

If it takes off I expect it will initially appeal to the teen market more you are up on the interactive nature of the web but it could be quite subtle and even used in non-fiction where say YouTube videos might be embedded into a section of a book to illustrate a particular problem or solution.

For sure there will be some convergence but I think independents like me will find it hard to justify that investment up front in a saturated eBook market…. I guess we watch and observe for now.

The Guardian article is here:


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