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My Best Thriller Award from NABE

Ahem! I’d liked to announce that I have received some great news again this very morn! The wonderful people at NABE (North American Book Dealers Exchange) have, through their Pinnacle franchise, awarded my thriller book “The Black Venus” the BEST THRILLER for FALL 2013.
The Black VenusJean commented on Amazon:Another good easy read by Percy Chattey with a thrilling end. For compulsive reading it is a perfect buy and keeps you guessing to the end.

Not that I am counting (well OK I am) that is THREE AWARDS for THREE BOOKS!
I think a celebratory brandy is in order, don’t you? or maybe two?

An award however small or large just motivates and spurs me on to write more. So please try a copy : available as a paperback or Kindle eBook vis Amazon (the LINK is in the sidebar)


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