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Thanks: Thriller Book “Politically Incorrect”

Politically Incorrect Book CoverThank you to Annie M for a favourable comments on my Thriller Book “Politically Incorrect“…

Couldn’t put it down, such a great story. The story is very clever and has some good twists to the plot. It was easy to read, I love that there are chapters that divide the story so that it can be followed. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

ISBN-10: 1466399651 / ISBN-13: 978-1466399655

“A great read with a stunning end.” : Declan Murphy, Northampton

This novel depicts a political assassination plot along with a romantic web of betrayal. “Politically Incorrect” by Percy Chattey follows a British businessman as he attempts to salvage his empire from a socialist regime but at the cost of his family’s happiness.

This book is a web of intrigue that begins with a jaded British businessman’s fight against a socialist government who are proposing legislation that would destroy his life style and forces him to take extreme measures to do what he believes is right.

Free Sample Chapter“Very good… what a surprising end!” : Richard de St Croix, Spain

When Colin Sheer-Wood is faced with ruin at the hands of a small political party with a tiny majority in parliament, he refuses to go down without a fight. Sheer-Wood hires assassins to kill members of parliament so the administration no longer has a majority. He fails to realize that one of the three people on his hit list is his daughter’s fiancé, begging the question – will saving his business empire tear apart his family?


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