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PR: Thriller Author Wins His Third Pinnacle Award

Award Winner in Best Thriller Book

December 7th, London: Percy W Chattey, the London-born author and self-publisher now residing in the Costa Blanca, proudly announces that he has won his third book award for his thriller “The Black Venus”. The NABE (North American Book Dealers Exchange) awarded Percy’s book a best in category: Pinnacle Achievement Award for Best Thriller Fall 2013. Percy is proud to be the first ever author to win three Pinnacle awards back-to-back in the same year.

This exciting news makes Percy W Chattey the first ever Self-Publishing Author to win three awards back-to-back in the same year. His previous self-published booksBlitz and Pieces” (an autobiography) and “Politically Incorrect” (a trade-mark thriller) also won similar accolades in the Summer 2013 Pinnacle Awards.

Percy is proud and welcomes the awards. He says: “This is amazing! It’s always great to receive praise or award for your work. As much as I love to write for fun it is nice to know your creative work ticks a few boxes. To get one award was pleasing enough, but three in the same year is special and motivated me to continue writing.

Percy is already working on his sixth book, a rework of one of his early novels. All Percy’s books are  available via Amazon as paperbacks and eBooks or via his own website.


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