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Bread is banned !!

My autobiography - Blitz and Pieces

My autobiography – “Blitz and Pieces”.

A little known fact: Everyone – well I think everyone enjoys hot fresh bread, door step size with lashings of real butter on it and perhaps some jam. It was very popular during the Second World War so much so the government banned it. How could they do that you may ask? In that period each community had its own bakers and people shopped daily for their food so a law was passed forbidding bread makers from selling their wares on the same day that they had made it, the thinking behind this was the bread would not be as fresh and it would be easier to cut and therefore less wasteful.

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In my award winning novel ‘Blitz & Pieces’ which is my true story of growing up in that period where I describe the horror of being brought up in the East London Blitz and the restriction brought on by the war with Germany, I describe this and many other things as information for those who will have difficulty in imagining what it was like to be bombed on a nightly basis and for others to remember the difficulties of those times.

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