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Fame! I tasted it, I liked it and want more!

A new thriller by Percy ChatteyI always get a great feeling when out of the blue someone approaches me and comments on my work. We were having lunch out a few days ago when a fellow from the village came up to our table and said to me almost in a whisper, ‘I have just finished ‘Watchit’ a great read – a little bit raunchy in fact my wife told me to put it down as I was getting too excited.’

No it is nothing like ‘Fifty Shades’ it is a book with a story and I have tried to show the difficulties and the relationships of growing up in the fifties. Its sequel is coming on fine heading for a launch in October. Happy reading


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One thought on “Fame! I tasted it, I liked it and want more!

  1. Congrats!!! It’s the coolest thing in the world for someone to tell you they read and loved your book. I still get thrown sometimes when someone casually mentions a character in my book, because in my head these characters are still in my head, and it really throws me off when I remember that other people know about them too!

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