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Hondon Valley is in Fiesta Times

News from the Hondon Valley – a weekend of fun and laughter.
On Staurday evening 2nd August, in our sister village: Hondon de las Nieves, which is about six miles away from us, there was a medieval market. That is exactly how it looked with craft stalls including a molten glass blower making items before your eyes there was also a grand firework display called the “Corre Focs” and then on the Sunday the annual religious ceremony took place, the transfer of the Patron Virgin from Hondon de las Nieves and Aspe.
In the other Hondon de los Frailes the portable stage was erected once again in the main plaza where the local “Musical Union” band played inspirational popular music of the sixties and seventies. We are now looking forward to the end of August when Frailes will be in ‘Fiesta’ for four days. The opening ceremony will be with ladies in stunning dresses taking flowers to the church – the following day the carnival and finally as is the tradition a display of fireworks and of course the stage will be out again.
Pinnacle Book Award 2013Frailes is becoming well known for its wonderful comfortable restaurants with their variety of cuisine, and people travel from miles away to enjoy the gastronomy.
Our house Casa FuenteLargo (a Spanish holiday rental) overlooks this stunning valley with its small communities which is about twenty miles or more long and is dotted with hamlets, and larger villages as mentioned above – however they all have their own fiestas at various times of the year, run by the local inhabitants when the streets are decorated with flags and bunting.
Casa FuenteLargo is the perfect place to visit this old part of the real Spain – it is somewhere to stay in complete relaxation, perfect surroundings and we will supply the car in the price so that you can visit this wonderful area in comfort. By booking any holiday to stay at our villa with the deposit paid before the end of October, then I will with pleasure, send you three of my award winning books and if you bring them with you I will gladly personally sign them to show our appreciation. for further information. Please Like and share thank you.

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