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188% Increase in Digital Book Sales

Digital Book ReadersWell good news if you sell your books direct online or are an independent publisher via channels like Amazon, Google Books, Apple iBooks.

The Publishers Association has announced a 188% increase in 2012 digital book sales in the UK (over same period 2011). Physical book sales were down slightly. Digital sales almost doubled from £77 million to £145 million over the period – but that’s still only 1/6 of real books.

» Read the BBC Article

The main reason appears to be the recent popularity of e-book readers like the Kindle which has seen sales of digital books climb to new highs. There is a general acceptance of reading books on a device now.

I expect this will continue as eReader devices are much more affordable and appear to be converging in formats. I guess an eReader, cheap Tablet,  iPhone 5 or iPad will be on many people’s Christmas list for 2012… and as the article says there will be a  mad rush on Boxing day to buy eBooks online. Will it be a record year – expect so! Link: Hondon Real Estate

But it begs the question – Will the smaller independent book seller disappear from the high street?

The Daily Mail ask if the Kindle (and similar) are killing off the traditional book.

The article extract : Mr Jones, from The Bookseller, told the BBC that independent bookshops were struggling to keep up with their larger rivals such as Amazon. Some other shops, such as Waterstones, are aiming to increase sales by entering into tie-up deals with popular e-book manufacturers. The industry is unsure, Mr Jones said, over where exactly consumer interest will head next.

» You can Borrow Books online too! (using the OverDrive Media Console on your Tablet/iPad)


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