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Authorgraph Hunter, a tip for Indie Writers

Like most Independent Publishers, I use Amazon and Kindle to distribute my books in print or digital formats. CreateSpace is Amazon’s publishing entity. Personally I find it both an incredible tool (i.e that I can self-publish with a few mouse clicks) but also a frustrating experience. Still one of its virtues is its online forums/articles and blogs with toms of hints and tips from other Indie authors.

I just got a CreateSpace news bulletin that could be helpful to me and so I’d thought I would share with you.

♦ List your book(s) on

Maria Murnane writes: “Signing books is one of the great joys of being an author. There’s nothing quite like holding a copy of a book you wrote in your hands, then inscribing it for a real person who is excited to read it. The majority of my book sales come from eBooks, however, which until recently have been impossible to sign. Not any more! Now there’s a site called Authorgraph, where you can list your books, and fans can request a digital autograph that will appear right in their e-reader. It’s a little awkward to write your signature, but once you get one you like you can save it in the system, then type a personalized note around it for each reader. Isn’t that cool?

Each time a fan requests an “authorgraph” for one of my books, I get an email from the site with a hyperlink. All I have to do is click the link and login, and I see the requests waiting for me.

It’s super easy to use, and it’s free. Here is Maria’s Authorgraph page


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