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Great News. I got a Book Deal!

Blitz and PiecesbyPercyChattey“It’s never too late to get a Book Deal!”

I am EXTREMELY pleased to announce I have a BOOK DEAL for my autobiography “Blitz and Pieces”.
The Press Release (see below) has just gone out to local media in Costa Blanca, Spain… fingers crossed they run with that… more PR soon

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PRESS RELEASE : Percy Chattey Books
Date: December 2014:
Location: Hondon de los Frailes, Alicante, Spain 03689
PR Author: D Cook (Promotions) on behalf of Percy Chattey Books [Spain]
Document Stage: Final (Publish, print and distribution)

“It’s never too late to get a Book Deal!”

Local author Percy Chattey, Hondon de los Frailes, is living proof that you can still achieve your dreams even in your later years. Percy’s dream of getting his books published has just come true!

Now approaching 80 years old, Percy is pleased to announce that his eBook and Pinnacle Award winning autobiography “Blitz & Pieces: The True Story of How a Six Year Old Survived the London Blitz” has now secured a hardback publishing and promotions deal. Plus, the same London Publisher could take on three of his other thriller novels, such as “Politically Incorrect” and “The Black Venus”.

In the last two years Percy has found renewed joy in his passion for writing murder mystery thrillers amid the mountainous tranquil of the Hondon Valley. He has completed six so far. However, as a child of the war, he also wanted to document his WWII memoirs.

What started off as a few amusing and vivid anecdotes to tell his grandchildren has now become a jam-packed autobiography about his fearful cockney childhood during the infamous London Blitz. He also gives a first-hand account of the hardships in post-war Britain, paints a stark portrait of his army days and writes candidly about East End business life.

“Blitz and Pieces” is a compelling read which reflects both the personal misery and joy of a long-gone life most of us know very little about these days. The stories feel real, are often funny but also a thought-provoking history lesson of the “olden days” and all told in Percy’s normal absorbing and expressive style.

Percy, with his cockney charm and a deserved smile says:
“Having a book deal, especially after all these years, really is a dream come true. It feels great that my passion for telling stories has finally been recognised. It makes all that hard work and dedication worthwhile.”

Percy is proud to be the only author to win three NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards in its 26 year history. Percy’s latest thriller “WatchIt Too!” will be released in winter.

The release date for the hardback version of “Blitz and Pieces” is to be decided but for now all Percy’s thrillers and books are still available as Kindle eBooks or as paperbacks via or a search for “percy chattey books”.
Further information is available on the website:
############ End press release ############

Mr. Percy Chattey (Author). Percy is available for interviews.
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