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Season Greetings. Happy Reading!

After a few months of changeable weather and cold winds here in Spain, at last the sun has come out to warm us with temperatures in the twenties.

Also at last to come out, is ‘Watchit Too!’ published as from today in the Amazon system and its eBook spin off Kindle. Watch It Too is a stunning story and a fitting sequel to ‘Watchit!’

My new novel, which is in its early stages of two and half thousand words, should be ready in the spring, approximately at the same time ‘Blitz & Pieces’ the true story of how a six year old survived the London Blitz during World War Two, will be published in hard back.

Pinnacle Award 2014 Best Historical Thriller “Death For A Starter”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Best Autobiography “Blitz and Pieces”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Summer Best Thriller “Politically Incorrect”
Pinnacle Award 2013 Fall Best Thriller “The Black Venus”

We at wish everyone a Happy New Year and enjoyable reading during it.


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