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Here is southern Spain the last of the grapes have been harvested and everyone has probably seen the big fat juicy ones straight from the vines in the local markets and shops. Delicious! Very shortly the valley will be covered in the pink blossom of the almond trees which by the time March has arrived will have turned into green foliage and the nuts will have started to be formed. It’s a great sight.

A SPECIAL OFFER: As you know my wife and I run a holiday home in the the Hondon Valley called Casa FuenteLargo. We have a special offer for our readers and holiday makers you book a minimum of 1 weeks stay at our delightful comfortable villa.

To show our gratitude we will send you, gift wrapped straight from Amazon, three of my award winning thriller novels totally free of charge. A week’s stay before July 2015 will cost four hundred pounds for four people – that is less than fifteen pounds per person per night. Please go into for further details.

All we ask to take advantage of this offer, and to receive my award winning work is to pay a deposit of one hundred pounds through our secure payment system via PayPal, and the books will be winging their way to you – the balance will be due a few weeks before your arrival date. Further to the above your group on arrival will be treated to a glass of wine and bites sitting in the afternoon sun. We look forward to greeting you soon. (Exchange rate for Euros at the time of writing 1.25 to the pound)


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