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Camping in London! September 1940

Let me talk about camping – most of us have done it at one time or another. Despite the limited space one curls up listening to the unusual sounds of the night and snug and warm and with no fear go to sleep.

Blitz and PiecesbyPercyChatteyThe Anderson shelter was similar to that, a small cramped space but there the similarity ends. Instead of the soft material of the tent over your head – a cold steel corrugated covering with condensation turning into rivulets of water running down the side onto the bitter cold bedding. The unusual sounds are also very different.

Noise continuous Noise! Sleep is impossible because of the crescendo of bombs dropping destroying all in their path. The constant fear that one of them would drop on your shelter like they had on so many others, and tomorrow there would not be room to be mentioned in the newspapers because there were constant other casualties and you and your family would just be one of so many.

A few neighbours in the street would say something like ‘They got it last night’ and think no more about it and get on with their lives because every night masses were being killed and injured – it started to mean nothing.

I am talking about September 1940 which this year will be seventy five years ago when Germany tried to destroy England. In my novel ‘Blitz & Pieces’ I describe in detail what it was like as a child living through this horror. My book is available through Amazon UK and other outlets.


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