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The First Day of the Blitz

Continuing with my interest in the wartime memoirs, it is incredible what archives and material is now available on line. Some of it extremely interesting to an historian like myself. Of course some of it very sad, poignant and painful. But the war happened and some of us where there.

I browsed the web today and found some rare wartime footage on the news sites (like the BBC) and a short documentary which I think portrays an excellent “First Day of the London Blitz”.

SNIPPET (but watch the video): In London, Saturday, September 7th 1940 was an idyllic summer’s day. As temperatures soared to the nineties, across the capital, people were making the most of the unseasonal good weather. By this time Britain had been at war with Germany for nearly a year. But on that beautiful day war was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

However, across the channel the final preparations were being put together for the biggest attack on Britain since the Spanish Armada. By 4pm nearly 1000 German planes were crossing the channel in a formation nearly 20 miles wide … there target? The heart of London.

For those blissfully enjoying the sunshine the war was about to hit home! “All hell was let loose”. For over 9 hours, the people of London experienced the full terror of a sustained bombing raid.

The video documentary is worth a watch. I found it quite a chilling to watch, especially if you recollect, as I do, the sound of bombs, the fires, the hardship and pain on people’s faces… the devastation of property and public spaces I knew and loved as a kid. I do recount my personal feelings and experience of the London Blitz and wartime struggles in my award winning autobiography “Blitz and Pieces” published by Amazon / CreateSpace. It’s  available in hard copy, paperback or digital formats.


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