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‘The Main Course’ … is being prepared

My new novel ‘The Main Course’ is coming on fine, it is the follow on from ‘Death for a Starter’ and is making exciting reading and hopefully it will be ready for an October release.

Without a doubt it is interesting writing a story set at the end of the eighteen hundreds, especially as it is a follow on, developing the family and introducing new characters. It is set in real time of vast change, one new invention coming quickly after another.

The difficulty while writing is to wash one’s mind of current events and style of living, also to take a lot of care to make sure the narrative stays within the period. I was reading a lovely paperback recently the plot was set in eighteen forty one, the author was very precise about the year.

The story included two ladies buying and selling houses as if it is set in the nineteen seventies, it spoilt for me the intrigue of the plot, as in the period of the book women did not have money, and certainly were not allowed to own property. ‘Okay’ is a phrase so easy to use when writing in conversation at a time set before nineteen forty, however it never came into being until the Second World War which can make a nonsense of the diction.

On the other hand these works are only fiction and does it matter if they are out of context? Yes, I think it does, because as time goes by fiction will become truth and these distortions will become reality of the past.

It is time to start thinking of a cover for my new work and no doubt my Designer will help in that respect as he has done so grand and dramatically with my previous novels.

Sorry for the lapse in Blogging … but busy I have been… more soon my friends.


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