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Risking life and limb

Calais, the exciting gateway to France…  Well at least it used to be the fun start to a holiday, that has all changed, with mega delays because it has become a battlefield of striking workers delaying the crossing facilities, also thousands of immigrants trying to get through the Channel Tunnel. As I remember, before it was built, some groups who opposed it said that’s exactly what would happen.

What I really do not understand is that we sent a warship to the Mediterranean or maybe it was already there, however it must have been very costly, a figure with loads of zeros after it. This ship saves boatloads of immigrants trying to escape from some horror in Africa, and transports them to the Southern coast of Europe. These people are not content in staying where they have arrived and they make their way through Italy, France or wherever, and arrive at Calais. Although we rescued them in the first instance, now we don’t want anything to do with them, and try to stop them from crossing the Channel, again another costly exercise.

Ah! Now the best bit. Those people that make the crossing risking life and limb to do so are awarded as if it had been some gigantic race – housing, money, medical attention, benefit and more benefit which is recorded to be worth twenty six grand a year. Instead of going through this farce why didn’t the Royal Navy deliver them to Southampton in the first place? This money lavished on this illegal mob, and that is what they are – is sickening as it discriminates giving complete strangers a comfort they have never known and depriving our own people into squalor because they have grown old and their pension does not cope.

In my latest novel ‘The Main Course’ if I was to put a situation similar in the story, I would be ridiculed and it would be described as a load of nonsense. So I will keep to the setting at the end of the eighteenth century, which in themselves were exciting times. Hopefully it will be ready to put in your loved ones Christmas stocking. If you agree with my sentiments then please share. For all my other writings go to or Amazon and most book shops

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