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Hi everyone. Let me start by giving you a puzzle – you are sitting in a room with the air conditioning on, however the setting on it is not right and it is not cold enough. To make it colder – do you change it up or down? Answers on a Post card please to Casa FuenteLargo. What is the matter with the people at the BBC, it would appear they are only interested in broadcasting soaps, cooking, nature and the weather.

It is old news now of getting rid of Jeremy Clarkson and throwing away fifty million pounds a year in profit from the man’s talents, even a company the size of Apple or Microsoft would baulk at the prospect of casting that sort of income out of the window, and of course another giant in this world, Amazon, has quickly thrown it’s hat in the ring, that is if it has a hat, and signed a contract with him and his team. If the story line in one of my novels was in a similar vein as the action of the British Broadcaster, the reader would have put the book down as rubbish.

Of course story telling is fiction and one can create all sorts of situations, but if it is a tale about life then surely it has to be believable. No doubt others would disagree with me. Oh! Come to think of it I just contradicted myself. My new work ‘The Main Course’ is coming on fine, it is a follow on from ‘Death for a Starter’. Creating a fictional family is fun and interesting I am sure when it is on the book shelves it will be enjoyed by the reader.

My books are available locally

My work is now available in El Condor’s Bar in the Square in Frailes, also obtainable in Christine’s Book Shop in Hondon de las Nieves – it is called Celebrations, as you leave the village going towards Aspe it is on the left hand side just before you get to the petrol filling station. And of course my thriller novels can be found on Amazon / CreateSpace and Kindle. If you wish to stock and sell my novels then please be in touch we would be very pleased.


And finally it is always nice and a good feeling of pride when we receive emails like the following from guests who have recently stayed at our Hondon Holiday Rental: Casa FuenteLargo: ‘Dear Jean & Percy, We have now settled back into our routine at home and I just wanted to write to say thank you for a very enjoyable stay at your villa. I know Conall really loves his book and we are both quite a way through our books and enjoying them immensely. All the best & kind regards, Carol & Richard x’

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