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Online Banking

Online Banking

Not quite the same as ‘the best thing since sliced bread.’ However it is an excellent vehicle for the protection of your wealth that is held by the bank.

To appreciate its benefit it is important to understand how the banking system works.
If a debit arrives in your account the bank will have transferred the money to a holding account and will not pay it until the following day.

In other words providing you check your account on a daily basis any fraudulent withdrawal from your money can be stopped, because the notification will tell you it is due for payment, and the money is still in the system.

If you question the validity of the amount the bank will not pay it until the situation is resolved.

Once again this morning as we do every morning, we went into our banking system and there was a debit on the account for €756.00, this amount was due to be sent to a hotel in Portugal.

Although we have hotel bookings for next May, the name on the account, which it was payable to, did not mean anything to us.

We went on to Google maps to see where it was and it was nowhere near where we have booked to stay. On the map there was a telephone number for the premises, which turned out to be non existent.

We then telephoned the banks fraud department and after some questions we convinced them it was nothing to do with us. The Debit card in my name which was used to perpetrate the fraud was cancelled and the money returned instantly from the holding account back into ours.

Online banking is the best protection against online deception and scams debiting your account from funds you have not authorised, providing you use it. It is easy to operate at no cost.

Over the years we have managed to stop nasty people thieving from us on a number of occasions and are thankful for this wonderful free to use system.

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