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The Black Venus

I enjoyed researching the story for this book, the original idea was to have two stories of vastly different thrilling events and to bring them together. 

It was a lovely surprise and a boost to morale when The Black Venus won best fiction at the Pinnacle Awards.

The story starts in the Balkans on a cold and rainy morning. Anna sets off for the market to buy the daily food for her and  husband Goren, little knowing that the events of the day would lead to her family seeking revenge many years later in the leafy lanes of Southern England.

The Black Venus is really two stories in one and starts with terrorists detonating a car bomb in a town’s market place. At the time unbeknown to them they were seen carrying out their grisly work by a girl in her teens and now they need to find her.

Anna’s relatives after years of searching find the men responsible for the hurt inflicted on their family and plan a terrible revenge.

Meanwhile Chief Inspector Dergon is a frustrated man in his hunt for the men who destroyed the town square, he has information that they are planning another atrocity, but where, will he have time to stop it? The reader will find out by the very surprising end

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