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I wrote this blog about this time last year, it is still relevant today with a couple of exception we are now up to Story Telling 13 and have twenty two books published 

I try very hard not to be political…(please don’t laugh)…but when someone in the European Union says “Borders were the worst invention designed by politicians” then it is difficult not to comment. Because I thought they were a natural instinct in man and evolved over time in fact since the beginning of time.

News papers are notorious for misquoting people or taking things Pinnacle Books Award Winnerout of context so I am certain the person who was supposed to have said it did not mean anything like that at all.

‘Story Telling Four’ is in the final stages to be published, I received copy of the cover this morning from my friend Derek Cook, another brilliant piece of design which I immediately approved.

We are now into undertaking the final read through looking for mistakes before publishing next week. This will be the fourth in the series of light hearted reading and my thirteenth book in five years…I’m sure it will not turn out to be other than lucky. Number five is already coming together and will be ready for Christmas – a nice little stocking filler.

The football season is bursting on to our television screens and taking over most of news time. My personal feeling is it is too much, and I like the quote from a famous person – I do not remember his name but his words are perfect for the occasion “I cannot be bothered to watch twenty two millionaires for ninety minutes chasing a load of air round a field.” Or something like that, but I am sure you get the gist. Anyway each to his own but I wish they would confine the pseudo excitement of it to one channel and then the rest of us can watch T.V. without the constant interruption of a game which is not followed by everyone.

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