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Watchit! by [Chattey, Percy]There are many different phases and wonderful glories to life.

This story bubbled around in my mind for some time, being an East End of London lad I remember very well the 1950’s when the ships came up the River Thames and into the docks, where their cargo would be man handled off the cranes and loaded onto the dockside.

It was an exciting time the crews fresh from journeying across the world would stream from the ships and come ashore with kit bags slung over their shoulders bulging with exotic items for a quick sale around the pubs. It was said that there was nothing you could not obtain, it was only a matter of knowing the right man.

We tell the story of two young ladies approaching womanhood – with all its needs and desires. Four men pursuing them – but who will they choose or will they be chosen?

In this age of mobile phones and electronic gadgetry, the two car family, modern kitchens with televisions and labour saving devices, it is difficult to remember a time when a wrist watch was a luxury. And yet a short sixty years ago in the mid fifties, there was a high purchase tax on luxury goods and watches were in that group.

This of course helped profit margins on the black market, where without the tax they could be bought very cheaply. When there is a shortage, the simple law of supply and demand comes into force. Items that are not easily avaible soon become expensive, which of course leaves the door open for the unscrupulous to earn an easy ‘few bob’.

The well organized crime syndicates, people who take advantage of these situations, make a lot of money and of course their ladies who help them will go to any lengths to protect their interest and to stay ahead of the law. This novel starts with an operation of such an organization and will take you into the world of people with different attitudes to life. So we begin our story…

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pcbwatchittoocover1600x2400The follow on from Watchit! whilst it is a story in its own rights in Watchit Too! In it we follow the affairs of the family to another stunning end


Watchit Too! Another exiting tale from an award winning Author.

Blitz and PiecesbyPercyChattey

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