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Sorry Child we did you Wrong.

Just very recently I learned that my Grand children are not taught two basics, as they do not know the words to the Lord’s Prayer or the National Anthem.

Why? Have things changed that much in the U.K. The two basic songs which every child used to learn and is part of English History and is also part of understanding of being British.

There is some form of ideology being fed into the education system to destroy the very historical way of life, to numb people into new beliefs which are not akin to the history of the four countries that make up the group of English speaking people.

Slowly, the past is being raised from the history of the British, proud events that went on before. Yes, proud events…if these are not taught in schools then the child has no way of forming a basis of its life.

There is nothing in the history for the people of this island to be ashamed of, we were in the fore front of abolishing slavery. We have on a number of occasions protected Europe from itself.

We have the oldest Democratic Parliament in the world, eight hundred years and longer of stability, the process which we have taught to other nations.

My understanding now is, children today are taught that we started the Two World Wars and they find it difficult to believe in a Hitler whose armies marched their way through the adjoining countries to Germany destroying buildings and people as they went which with a terrible cost we and our allies took six years to stop.

We did you Wrong. 

Yes my child we got it wrong, we leave you a world not of love, but hate
Every day we looked on you with affection and wonderment
We did not understand as time went past it was becoming too late
Our indulgence was of leisure, cartoon character, football and fun.
With open arms we accepted the newbie’s into our lives as one.
The future was bright and in no need of our care.                                                               Sorry child we did you wrong.

The churches in our communities standing upright and tall
The visit on the Sunday dressed in our best as we prayed to be loved by all
But the all became the box in the corner with pictures to lure us away
And a new prayer to sit in comfort and be shown a different way
While we allowed to be swayed by programmes not of our choosing
We did not notice the newbie’s changed our precious churches to their mode of doing. The future was bright and in no need of our care.
Sorry child we did you wrong.

Through that indulgence we showered you with love and affection, also greed
With all Sunday teachings long forgotten replaced by gluttony and self.
We taught air travel and flash cars and burglar alarms but not how to secure
the borders. We allowed communities to disappear the butcher, the baker and the milkman in the morn, the High Street…now empty. Replaced by an away from home conglomerate with trolleys to fill and take your money at every turn.                       The future was bright and in no need of our care.
Sorry child we did you wrong.

To understand our negligence we had fresh memories of our loved ones and
their sufferings in a terrible war.
Daily death and destruction at our door, hardship, the lack of supplies, food, water and certainly not a sweet to be found.
The new spring that blossomed in the decades following this horror, led to an
extravagance never seen before and a need to ensure our children would never
know of these things.
The future was bright and in no need of our care.
Sorry child we did you wrong

Now new horrors are striking the world different from the World at War
although the same. Another enemy but within, the newbie’s we welcomed
with open arms. Governments allowing schools to air brush History into
something which was not. Churchill, Trafalgar and Waterloo confined to the
dustbin whilst trying to find a new path. Which is not our way.

Sorry my child we let you down as somehow and hopefully you will be able to turn it around

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