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Watchit Too!

This is a super novel and a follow on from ‘Watchit’ that is why we changed the colour of the ladies dress on the front cover.

The story continues in the same East London and the Essex area in a period in my opinion when life was more defined and simpler. 

It was a great story to write tidying u lose ends and promoting the story line and the characters. I think the wording on the rear describes it perfectly

Dear Reader, It has always fascinated me when two people see each other for the first time and immediately know they are going to be close friends – and yet, it also works the other way when two strangers can take an immediate dislike to one another and be instant enemies. How this chemistry in all of us comes about I do not know?

However what happens when new relationships conflict with the old? What happens when a bad attitude turns to irrational behavior? This is a story about such events. The beauty of a loving illicit relationship, the hate generated by jealousy, the flippant viewpoint of an escapee – all these perceptions come together to make a stunning thrilling story

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