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Planes in the Sky

plane in airJust recently there has been a conference in South Korea to discuss the problems of Climate change pondering on the constant rain storms around the world. Whilst I have no real knowledge of what is happening there are many scientists who believe brief periods of changeable weather has been happening since the start of time.

Where we live in South East Spain the skies on most days are clear and a beautiful pastel blue. As we are sitting by the pool looking at the wonderland around us in the warmth of the sun, high above us two to three hundred people are sitting in a tin box being taken somewhere. No doubt, they in the main will be full of excitement and as they gaze out of the window of the flying machine they will see vapour pouring off the wing edges. Probably totally meaningless to them as that is what happens and they have seen it before.

We on the ground look skywards and watch this tiny speck five or six miles above us making its way across the heavens until it disappears over the horizon. It has gone but some of it is still there behind it, for it has left a long stream of water vapour mixed with burnt engine fuel. As the day progresses this vapour spreads into a long wide cloud and as more and more tin boxes cross the sky then each of them leaves a similar trail and like the others, they will grow, effectually blotting out the blue.

I have just gone into ‘Flightradar 24’ an App which tracks every aircraft in the air and as I write there are ten thousand planes flying around the world. As most flights only take two or three hours it is difficult to calculate how many planes are taking off and flying on a daily basis. Each in its own way leaving behind it burnt pcbblitzandpiecescover1600x2400fuel and high in the sky water vapour, which eventually finds it way downwards…is that why we are having so many rain storms? So perhaps the pundits are right climate change is about how we treat the environment, but who is brave enough to tell the people they can no longer fly!!!

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