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Well Done NHS


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It is on a daily basis that we hear, in the news media of some serious situation in the National Health Service from staff shortages to lack of facilities because of that over used word ‘cuts.’

I don’t think there has ever been a period over time when one side or the other of the political divide have not complained about cut backs in services because of lack of funding.

I am starting to think for the most part the use of the word ‘cuts’ is that the various organisations who use it are ‘crying wolf’ in their efforts to get further money, and using this explosive word to explain why services are so poor.
Over the past few days my view has changed and instead of thinking the Health Services in the UK are not up to what is required of them, I have nothing but respect for people who take on this admirable task.

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Last Thursday afternoon, two days ago, my son in law had pains in his chest and was taken to Royal United Hospital in Bath. The following day, yesterday, he had two operations on his heart to remove blockages and is told he is coming home today Saturday.

Congratulations to the RUH team in their expertise at diagnosing the problem so quickly and having the facility and the manpower to be able to operate and restore him to health.

One of the real spin off’s for all of us is that the family can relax from what could have been a protracted period of worry which as vanished almost as quickly as it started. Thank RUH.

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