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My Friend Henry

This is a story which I enjoyed writing there are many of young girls finding their first love and I thought an account of a young lad would be different and funny.

It is my tenth novel and by coincidence the 10th in the Story Telling series.

My Friend Henry. A story of love and love lost.

Dennis Walker knows very little about life and its meaning until one afternoon as a thirteen-year-old he is brutally introduced into sex games and their meaning.

Eileen, a beautiful demanding woman who uses her charming ways to attract men and dispose of them as one would a sweet wrapper, and uses Dennis for her own pleasure.

Ola, the clever Dutch student spoilt by her very wealthy parents. Deceived by her elderly husband, she sees Dennis as the one to give her what she has desired all her married life.

Dennis enjoys the company and games with them both. However, there is one other, a pair of laughing eyes at a party who he constantly dreams of. The untouchable Sally, who he becomes very close with only to lose her. Can Eileen help him to find her?

Percy’s first novel was published in the eighties, after which he concentrated on his business life. After retiring he started writing again and published ten novels, five of which won awards. He now concentrates on developing books under the banner of ‘Story Telling’ this is its tenth issue

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